Anatomy of the heart valves

Course Title: Detailed anatomy of the heart valves

The heart valves function to promote coordinated forward blood flowing in the cardiac cycle. Valves are highly organised connective tissue structures which ensures that the blood flows in the right direction and not flow backward. When the heart valves fail to open and shut properly, the implications of the heart can be serious.

Learning Objectives Of The Course
  1. Detailed anatomy of the valves – Mitral apparatus, Tricuspid valve complex, Aortic valve complex and Pulmonary valve
  2. Histology of the heart valves
  3. Hemodynamics of the heart valves

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Why take this course?
  1. Improve your knowledge and skills
  2. This course will help you in understanding the detailed anatomy of the heart valves
  3. It will also help you get a brief idea on histology and hemodynamics of the heart valves
Target audience
  1. Cardiologists
  2. General Physicians
  3. Family Medicine Physicians
  4. Residents
  5. Post-Graduate Students
Basic requirement

Participant should have an MBBS degree

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