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Our partnerships, your advantage!
CMEMaster has partnered with industry giants like GE Healthcare, Teleradiology Solutions and Synapse
The idea behind this partnership is to give you the best of the best KOLs in the field
GE Healthcare provides transformational medical technologies and services that are shaping a new age of patient care. As a leading global medical technology and life sciences company, they provide continuous training to healthcare professionals across the world. Their aim is to deliver skill-enhancement programs in HCPs in multiple care areas including radiology, cardiology, critical care, fetal medicine and leadership training across Africa, India and South-East Asia in over 10 locations.
Teleradiology Solutions, (TRS) was founded in 2002 by two Yale University trained physicians and is among the 1st JC accredited Teleradiology companies. It provides teleradiology services to over 150 hospitals in 21 countries globally. It is the first organization outside Singapore to be accredited by the Ministry of Health, Singapore and has provided teleradiology services to Singapore since 2005. TRS has reported scans for over 5 million+ patients thus far. It was rated the Number 1 National teleradiology company in the United States and ‘Best in KLAS’ by an independent health care surveyor in the United States in 2011.
Synapse is the first Australian provider of medical billing, coding, transcription and administrative services to achieve registration to ISO 9001 for our quality management system. The vision of Synapse is to see clinicians freed from unnecessary paperwork so they can focus on their patients. Synapse brings you AIMAC (The Australian Institute of Medical Administration and Compliance), aiming to improve global standards of medical administration.