About Us
CMEMaster...Bringing you international level courses

Our Vision

We aim to bring high quality, globally recognized, accredited online courses exclusively created for doctors. The main motive of CMEmaster is to enhance your knowledge and diagnostic skills. We bring to you the latest in medical advancements through content developed by subject matter experts. The courses you take with us are internationally recognized.
Why CME ?

A distinguishing mark which separates an exemplary medical professional is their drive to stay updated.
The thirst for knowledge is persistent. There is always a need to update yourself and refresh your knowledge.
That is what a CME does for you- empowers you with the latest techniques, procedures, diagnostics and management skills.

Why CMEMaster ?

Unlike traditional contact classes, here on our platform we offer ONLINE CMEs without compromising on the quality.
You decide the time and place to take up the course, and benefit from accessing information at your convenience.
Not only does the classroom come to you, it brings with it an international accreditation.

Who we are ?

CMEMaster is the educational wing of Healthminds Consulting Pvt Ltd.