Advancing Victories In Viral Hepatitis

WHO has now branded viral Hepatitis as the leading killer surpassing epidemics like malaria, HIV and tuberculosis. In 2015, the death toll caused by Hepatitis virus was 1.34 million, worldwide.The number will only keep increasing till there are improvements in diagnosis. Viral Hepatitis infections of B and C are blood borne with varying modes of transmittance. Promoting awareness, advocacy and anticipating the impact of advances in viral hepatitis prevention is the only way forward.

In comparison to other communicable diseases like HIV, malaria and tuberculosis, Hepatitis infection is a serious global health threat. Despite the gravity of the infection on quality of life and the health implications it poses, hepatitis is largely ignored. Relief arrives through the adoption of resolution on the 2030 agenda with Target 3 focused on ‘Specific call to action to combat viral hepatitis.’

While the efforts to curtail hepatitis infection buffets its way through the growing epidemic, the numbers remain unaffected due to lack of diagnosis, harm reduction, cure and treatment measures. The introduction of Hepatitis vaccinations has partially slowed the momentum of infection spread. Remedial steps to stop the spread of hepatitis infection are being taken by government authorities through awareness programs.

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